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19-001 CU-610H


Infrared Hydrogen Production
Belt Furnace Documentation

Furnace Operating Manual

Chapter Chapter Title Type (status) Link
Ch-0 Introduction, Warranty, Contents PRIVATE (10/07/2020) pdf
Ch-1 Furnace Equipment PUBLIC
(rev 1 10/05/2020)
Ch-2 Installation PUBLIC
(rev 1 10/06/2020)
Ch-3 Equipment Operation PUBLIC
(rev1 10/06/2020)
Ch-4 Service & Maintenance PUBLIC
(rev 1 10/06/2020)
Ch-5 Process Engineering PUBLIC pdf
Ch-6 Thermal Processing Theory PUBLIC pdf
Ch-7 Specifications PUBLIC (5/29/2020) pdf
Ch-8 Drawings & Schematics PRIVATE (12/22/19) pdf
Ch-9 moved to M    
Ch-10 APPENDIX (index) PUBLIC pdf
10-1 Oxygen Analyzer PUBLIC pdf
10-2 Hydrogen Operation PUBLIC pdf
10-3 Uninterruptable Power Supply PUBLIC pdf
10-4 OT Over Temperature Scanner PUBLIC pdf
10-5 Ashcroft Explosion Proof Switches PUBLIC pdf
10-6 NOVA Combustible Gas Detector PUBLIC pdf
Section G Glossary PUBLIC pdf
Section M MSDS PUBLIC pdf


Videos on Furnace Equipment Operation

Video Title Type Link
MP4-01 Operation of motorized separation (chamber opening & belt running) Public pdf
MP4-02 Operation of motorized separation (opening chamber) Public pdf
MP4-03 Operation of motorized separation (closing chamber) Public pdf
MP4-04 Operation of motorized separation (cooling section) Public pdf
MP4-05 Operation of motorized separation (side view of belt) Public pdf
MP4-P Operation of motorized separation (opening) Public pdf
YT-CAWC Operation of motorized separation (cooling section-youtube) Public html

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