Technical Papers

Infrared Belt Furnace Application Studies,

IR Furnace Comparisions and Technical Papers

DuPont Electronics Advances in PV Metalization Technology in an IR Furnace (Carroll, Poser, Young, Raby, Rose) White Paper pdf
University of Rio Grande do Sul Belt Furnace versus Standard Tube Furnace to Product Al BSF (Zanesco, VEleda, et al) White Paper pdf
Pennsylvania State University Effect of Rapid Infrared Annealing on the Photoelectrochemical Properties of Anodically Fabricated TiO2 Nanotube Arrays in a LA-306 (Allam, Grimes) - 2009. White Paper pdf
ECN Solar Energy Comparison of Diffused Using an IR Belt Furnace and a POCl3 System (Goris, Weeber, Jooss, Huster) White Paper pdf
ECN Solar Energy Simple Detailed Fast Firing Furnace Temperature Profiling for Improved Efficiency in Solar Cell Production (Hoornstra, van der Heide, Bultman, Weeber) White Paper pdf
Ferro Corporation Screen Printable AG-Al Metal Pastes for P+ Silicon Application in Solar Cells (Seyedmohammadi, Graddy, Shaikh) White Paper pdf
Ferro Corporation Characterizataion of Al Back contact in a Silicon Solar Cell (Khadilkar, Shaikh, Sridharan, Pham) - 2005 White Paper pdf
Ferro Corporation Simultaneous Diffusion of Screen Printed Boron and Phosphorus Paste for Bifacial Silicon Solar Cells (Bueno, Varner, Perez, Lago, Jimeno, Salami, Kerp, Albertsen, Shaikh) White Paper pdf
Heraeus-Cermalloy Inc Influence of Fast Infrared Firing on Thick Film Materials(Bube, Fisher).  Tests show equivalent or improved performance with near infrared (IR) firing. An operating cost comparison of conventional wire-wound and IR furnaces with equivalent throughput shows that substantial savings result from using IR firing. IEEE membership or subsciption required. White Paper pdf
Solar Energy Materials & Solar Cells The Infrared Processing in Multicrystalline Silicon Solar Cell Low-Cost Technology (Panek, Lipiniski, Ciach, Drabczyk, Bielanska).  Polish Academy of Sciences & Silesian Technical University - 2003. White Paper pdf
Y-12 National Security Complex IR Hot Wave Infrared Treatment Furnace for Metals and Metal Alloys.  (Seals, Parrot, DeMint, Finney)  Includes Furnace key feature comparison. Information Bulletin pdf
Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. Retrofitting Infrared Reflow Furnaces. IR furnace retrofit is a viable low-cost alternative to investment in high-cost nitrogen-ready reflow equipment. Information Bulletin pdf
Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. Fluxless Soldering of Flip Chip Assemblies (Dong, Arslanian).  Study conducted to investigate feasibility of using forming gas to assist fluxless soldering of flip chip assemblies. In a forming gas environment, 4 reactions take place at the surface of the liquid solder. White Paper pdf

Materials for Use with Infrared Furnaces & Ovens

Ferro Electronic Material Systems Hybrid Microcircuit Materials: AL456 Aluminum Conductor Paste designed to form a strong bond to a ceramic surface.  Ink can be dried in an IR dryer at 250-350C Data Sheet pdf
Ferro Electronic Material Systems Photovolatic Materials:  PS 33-612 Rear Silver Conductor is a pure silver conductor paste designed to used as a back contact for silicon solar cells.  Fire at 250-300C Data Sheet pdf


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