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Versatile equipment

Configuration. LCI furnaces are constructed of a proven modular design that makes it easy and relatively inexpensive to upgrade our IR furnaces, make changes to the configuration, or simply move to a location with a different voltage supply.

Changing Processes.  An any given furnace, once a process recipe is in place on our furnace, in most cases only 30 minutes is required to change and stabilize with a new process recipe.

Features & options

A large number of time tested features and options are available to tailor your infrared furnace system to a variety of production requirements including process ready light tower, SMEMA product tracking, SENSLAS product alert, edge heaters, O2, moisture and/or lamp monitoring.

Advanced atmosphere capability

Systems can be configured for compressed air (CDA), nitrogen, hydrogen, forming gas or other process gas.  With our gas mixing system the gas mixture can be controlled at the furnace.  Pure hydrogen if needed can be safely injected into hermetically sealed furnace zones.  Gas sampling systems with oxygen and moisture analyzers monitor and alarm process gas levels in the furnace chamber.  Contamination levels to well below 10 ppm oxygen can be achieved.

Unique fast heatup/fast cool

Furnace design allows "on demand" operation with lowest energy cost.  Product can be exposed to gradual controlled heating or spiked ramping depending on process requirements.  Cooling can be air or water system.


The equipment is designed for long term 24/7 production use.  Even after fifteen years, this equipment can be easily and inexpensively updated to extend its life, or reconfigured for new applications or parameters.  On computer-controlled furnaces, computer hardware is backed by Dell's 30-month Next Business Day Limited On-site Service Warranty.

Modern connectivity

Owners and process engineers are given a number of choices for accessing the furnace. Standard computer-controlled furnaces are equipped with the latest wireless-N protocol and two 10/100/1000 TCP/IP ports, one for connection to high speed giga-networks, another to connect to the furnace controller.  The furnace HMI control screen can be viewed or modified from the engineering office or other remote location.  When enabled, network connections facilitate factory diagnostics, troubleshooting and support. New systems are backwards compatible with wireless-a,b,g and standard 10/100 Ethernet systems. Convenient USB ports allow easy access to recipes and furnace profile data.

Outstanding support

LCI Furnaces relies on FurnacePros to provide proactive support worldwide.

50% of our buyers already have more than one IR furnace

Customers who know belt furnace equipment purchase from us when deciding to expand their capacity, add a process line, or simply replace their existing production line furnaces. See a partial list of our customers here.

Profile & operation familar, similar to over 3000 RTC furnaces

Customers familiar with the design save money on training and performance profiling.  Performance characteristics are predictable and repeatable.

High content website provides Technical Support

If contacting our office for technical support is at times inconvenient, visit our new support page for our latest technical notes and installation and troubleshooting documents for getting the most out of your LCI infrared furnaces.

Historical on-time delivery

Because LCI uses the project management model for furnace builds, furnace and major upgrade orders are tracked by a single point individual to maintain technical and schedule integrity.

Repeat customers can depend on proven performance

Once a process is certified to work, customers can rely on similar performance characteristics when they order a new infrared furnace from LCI.

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