LA-306 Tech Support Videos


Furnace Equipment

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LA-306 360 View (with CXX15, SENSLAS & GSM options)videovideovideo
LA-306N General Descriptionvideovideohtml
LA-306N Dual Air Rakes, How to hang panelsvideovideohtml
Heat Modes, IR, Convection, Full Powervideovideohtml
Zones and Process Gas  videovideohtml


Furnace Operation

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Adjusting Temperatureshtmlhtmlhtml
Cool Downhtmlhtmlhtml
Cool Down Auto Shutdownhtmlhtmlhtml

Optional Equipment

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Description of Nitrogen/Forming Gas, Product Sensor and Supply Gas Mixinghtmlhtmlhtml
SENSLAS Product Alert System Operationhtmlhtmlhtml
SENSLAS Product Alert Sensor Calibrationhtmlhtmlhtml
GSM Supply Gas Mixing Systemhtmlhtmlhtml
GSM Supply Gas Mixing System 2htmlhtmlhtml



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