Die Attach

A die mount or die bond step where a rectangular slice of semiconductor (die or chip) is mounted on the support structure of the package, for example, a leadframe die pad, cavity, or substrate using conductive adhesive. Depending on the die-attach adhesive paste, rapid cure can occur in seconds at 80-450C. Silver-based ide attach adjesives have been traditionally used to assemble ledframe devices.  Pure solder wire drawn onto the die for flux-free chip soldering in an inert environment is another commonly used method.  New methods and materials include a wide range of lead and lead-free solder alloys by Henkle and others, cured at 350 to 400C and above to prevent void formation.

Encapsulation and Sealing

Encapsulation and sealing are used to protect devices from adverse environmental and mechanical influences.  Epoxy polymerization, a fast clean encapsulation methodology most commonly involves an anhydride epoxy curing agent which typically requires curing at 140-180C after a lower temperature (120-130C) drying stage. 

S-Series and AG-Series IR Furnaces

AG-Series furnaces include essentially all the features of S-series models, but AG-Series adds better zone isolation and the ability to exhaust process gas at more frequent intervals, key for taking advantage of the benefits of some of the newer materials and processes.

 S-Series, S-Series Hydrogen and AG-Series are built-to-order and configured to perform at the highest levels for its destined production room environment.

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