IR Furnace Belt Splice


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1.0 Scope

1.1   If a section of the belt is damaged you can try to straighten the wires in the section or replace the section with a belt splice. A portion of the transport belt which goes through the furnace chamber was left as spare to enable splicing.

1.2   Applies to FurnacePros, GreenBridge Technology and RTC or Radiant Technology infrared furnace, dryer, and oven equipment.

2.0 Determine the Portion of Belt to be Replaced

2.1   Mark off the section to be removed with a masking tape or permanent marking pen on either end of the damaged area of the belt.

2.2   Remove the weight bar from the UCD tank. Lift the weight bar out of the tank to relieve the belt. 

2.3   Take all the slack out of the belt by grasping the belt on either side of its width and pulling evenly and firmly.

2.4   The damaged belt section should then be located at the entrance load or exit unload area so you can work splice it.

3.0 Remove the Bad Secion of the Transport Belt

3.1   Cut one of the cross-section wires travelling the width of the belt at both side at the front of the damaged sections. Remove the wire by pulling straight through the belt.

3.2    Remove a second cross-section wire on the other end of the damaged section in the same manner.

IR Furnace Conveyor Belt Splice
Figure 4.1.1 IR Furnace Belt Splice

3.3   Measure the length of the section removed and prepare a new section of belt the same size by removing one of the cross-section wires.

4.0 Install New Transport Belt Section

4.1   Splice as shown in the Belt Splice figure by inserting one of the cross-section wires through the belt mesh across the width of the belt. Insert a second wire at the other end of the splice.

4.2   Both wires should be even and parallel and aligned with the belt edges. The cross-section wires will stay in place without any finishing at either end.

4.3   Replace the weight bar in the UCD tank. Lower carefully into the tank to tension the belt.



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