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Electrical Assembler A


Assembles furnace electricals:  complex electrical/electronic assemblies, including computer, control systems, electrical panels with apparatus and/or complex electro/mechanical components, units and sub-assemblies of a precise nature and having critical operating specifications.


Work includes specially building one-of-a-kind assemblies where extreme care, high grade workmanship and accuracy are required to meet strict inspection, testing and operating specifications:

• Plan and layout assembly projects as to sequence of assembly, component and wiring arrangements, etc., to conform with drawings, wiring diagrams and engineering specifications.

• Prepare panels, complex wiring harnesses; fabricate detailed mounting boards and chassis and perform involved preliminary work as may be related to total assembly.

• Test and check sub-assemblies and units,

• Mount components on chassis or panels in proper sequence,

• Measure, cut, assemble and install electrical wiring, stripping, splicing and soldering as necessary, • mount panels to furnace and install and connect wiring and harnesses to terminals between panels;

• Energize and test circuits;

• Regulate, adjust and calibrate units to align assembly for operational reliability and proper performance.

Works from complicated and detailed engineering drawings, specifications, schematic wiring diagrams, pictures, examples, and verbal and written instructions.

Proceeds with minimum supervision and direction on products standardized or relative in design; assigns and oversees  and instructs Assemblers of lower classification

Selects and uses appropriate testing devices, e.g. multimeter, oscilloscope, oscillator, volt-meter, and bridge; also uses proper instruments for layouts including scale square, calipers, and dividers.


The Electrical Assembler B is performing to standard when:

Assigned tools, equipment, and work area are kept clean, in good working order, and free of potential safety hazards.

Production standards and quality levels comply and remain consistent with established performance specifications and comply with all Company policies and procedures (safety, teamwork, attendance, etc.)

Observes industry standard safety practices.

Completes any additional duties as assigned.


Works under minimum direction and reports to the Manufacturing Supervisor or Operations Manager, as assigned.


Work generally involves knowledge, skills and techniques as may be acquired through a formal training program or appropriate equivalent training plus considerable and varied experience.

Knowledge of best electrical assembly practices

Knowledge of shop math, hand and power tools and inspection gauges and instruments. Knowledge of some electrical assembly practices.

5 to 7 years experience in electrical assembly and test.

Verbal and written proficiency in English language.


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