Factory Acceptance Test Report

Equipment Purchase Order Specifications


Equipment NameIR Belt Furnace
ModelCU-610HManufacturerTP Solar, Inc.
Equipment Specification #G10065ADocument Version5
Equipment P.O.#PPO000618974Document Version1
Prepared By:Arnel SoloDate:5/20/19
Equipment Sr. Supervison/ManagerJonard Subijano/Arnel SoloDate:5/20/19
Engineering (Process/Test ManagerChris Barnes/Ramon Del Rosario/
Peter Bergeron
Operations ManagerSonny SorianoDate:5/20/19
QA ManagerMichelle LumawagDate:5/20/19
Noted By (Supplier)J Clark/A Rey/P RagayDate:9/2/2019

1. Purpose

Define equipment-specific requirements prior purchase of a machine. This document will also serve as guide during machine buy-off and/or qualification.

2. Scope

This document is only applicable to the specific machine make and model as defined above. It only covers the technical, engineering, and quality requirements of Microchip MPHL2 for the said machine.

3. Design and Configuration Requirement

Below are the basic requirements associated with the physical and technical expectations from the machine. The details below are based on the actual capabilities of the machine that is operated by Microchip MPHL2.

101Power480 Vac, 3 ph, 60 Hz Power: 46 kW, Current: 56 ACOMPLY
102Water Water Flow: 4 gpm nominalWater Flow: 10 gpm max @ 65 psi
-Recommend 20°C Inlet water temperature.
-Recommend recirculated DI water system with chiller (by others)
103Process GasNitrogen, max supply2800 SCFH Nitrogen (max, all flowmeters open)  at 75 psi max
104Hydrogen, max supply480 SCFH Hydrogen (max, all flowmeters open) at 65 psi max
105Pressure65-75 psi65-75 psi (see 102-104)
Runtime Duty Normal operation:
 24 hr/day, 7 days/week
202Access to internalsMotorized Chamber LiftStandard MCL allows offline separation and raising of top half of furnace chamber for open access to lamps, internals and baffles for maintenance, repair and inspection. User controls Open/Close by wired pendent.
203Clearance above conveyor belt4 inchesCOMPLY
Conveyor301Conveyor Belt Material or typeHigh temp NiChrome-V Compound Weave belt (without dimples or standoffs).COMPLY
302Belt width10 inchesCOMPLY
303Belt speed range0.5 to 10 ipm closed loop control by furnace program. Belt speed stored in each recipe.COMPLY
304Conveyor speed accuracy+/- 0.5 % closed loop COMPLY 
305Planarity± 0.15 inch across whole belt, Measure actualTop surface of belt is flat to less than 0.125" across width of belt.
306Design Belt Speed 0.5-10 ipm  COMPLY
307Belt loadingBelt Fully Loaded: 200 LB   
308Belt Height above the floor  33.5-40 inches. (adjustable feet on furnace) 36"-40" with casters.
With castors removed: 33.5" - 40"
309Conveyor direction and height Left to rightLeft to Right (facing control console)
Safety401EMO button Standard: 2 SEMI-compliant Emergency-Machine-Off buttons and entrance; 2 at exit. COMPLY
402Hot structures shall be covered for safetyInstall ring guard or equivalent protector 
403Signal Light Tower. Indicator lamp/tower lamp when H2 is ON or OFFLT, 4-Stage light tower with H2.Red-Alarm
404HazardsSafety signs  later
405Power failure protection UPS, circuit breakers and 3-phase disconnect are Specified Features.UPS powers Computer, PLC and belt for approx 15 minutes during lapse in power.
A 60 A 3-PH circuit breaker disconnect is installed on top of the furnace cabinet.
Critical circuits are protected by circuit breakers.
406Sealing clamps to outside of heating chamber to prevent H2 escapeAdd to furnaceCOMPLY
407Ignitors on all exhaust stacks.Add to furnace(4) Dual Ignitors, one on each stack.
408Combustible gas detectors installed on all at-risk points.Add to furnaceNova-Sensor Elite Model GC804:
(1) at Entrance opening
(1) at Flowmeter and Analyzer cabinet
(1) at Exit opening
409Gas collector installed at the entrance opening of the furnace above the belt. The furnace was upgraded to an integral Gas Collector section with stack. It is now a part of the furnace chamber located before entrance baffle & stack. 
410Furnace software limits hydrogen operation until all safety and process provisions are met.Add to furnaceCOMPLY
Heat501Maximum Temperature1000 °C, 4 zonesDesign temperature is 1000C.
502Operating temperature range100-950°CCOMPLYADDLATER
503Heated length60 inchesmin 60 inches heating length
504Profile temp deviation+/- 2 °C Temperature stratification (deviation across belt width): +/- 5 C. ADDLATER
505Element Monitor System (Lamp Failure Detection)Add to furnaceCOMPLY
506Redundant OTP (Over Temperature Protection) Add to furnace. Over temp scanner, independent redundant overtemperature system, include dual thermocouples4-zone Scanner and redundant thermocouples on each zone.
Cooling601Water RequirementsWater: 15 - 20°C Inlet water temperatureRecommend customer install recirculating chiller syst (by others). See item 102. 
602Flow: 4 gpmSee item 102
603Pressure: max 60 psi.See item 102.
604Water cooling systemHeat exchanger encloses sides, top and bottom, but water jackets are top and bottom only.COMPLY

605Closed atmosphere water-cooled tunnel.COMPLY
606Cooling Length: 60 inchesminimum 60 inches water cooling
607Entrance and Exit muffleWith N2 gas curtain and should be DetachableCOMPLY. Entrance, Transition Tunnel & Exit Baffle are Top Removable. Entrance and Transition Tunnel internals can also be accessed when the Chamber is opened using MCL (item 202a).
608Exhaust SystemAdd to furnace4 exhaust stacks with ignitors included. Supplier shall recommend cabinet and process gas exhaust hoods and duct sizes (all facility ductwork by others).
Heating701Heating zones4 Zones, Top and bottomCOMPLY: 4 control zones, each with Top & Bottom heating elements.
702Independent Zone temp control - Closed loopAdd to furnaceCOMPLY. Each zone is controlled separately by integrated furnace software that sends signals to separate zone top and bottom PLC output modules that control zone lamp power. Process engineer can adjust zone gain, integral and %power to run process and/or store in recipe. 
703On screen profiling, 5 thermocouple portsAdd to furnace. Not included.On-screen profiling-ready. Customer can install profiler software on furnace industrial rack-mounted computer. USB ports provided for connection of customer supplied profiling equipment.
Controlled Atmosphere801Nitrogen (N2) Flow Meter RangeEntrance Exhaust 1 (Collector Exh)
Entrance Exhaust 2
Entrance Baffle 1 (Collector)
Entrance Baffle 2
Zone 1
Zone 2
Zone 3
Zone 4
Transition Baffle
Transition Exhaust
Cooling 1
Cooling 2
Plenums Top
Plenums Bottom
Exit Baffle
Exit Exhaust  
0-100 SCFH
0-100 SCFH
0-200 SCFH
0-200 SCFH
0-200 SCFH
0-200 SCFH
0-200 SCFH
0-200 SCFH
0-200 SCFH
0-100 SCFH
0-200 SCFH
0-200 SCFH
0-200 SCFH
0-200 SCFH
0-200 SCFH
0-100 SCFH
- Added 2 collector flowmeters;
- added flowmeter to allow separate control of Plenum Top & Bot;
- added cooling2 flowmeter for separate control of cooling sections.

802Hydrogen (H2) Flow Meter RangeZone 1
Zone 2
Zone 3
Zone 4
0-120 SCFH
0-120 SCFH
0-120 SCFH
0-120 SCFH
803Water Flow MetersCooling 1 Top
Cooling 2 Bottom
2 GPM (0-5 GPM)
2 GPM (0-5 GPM)
Conveyor, Other901Pitch, belt mesh Updated belt pitch similar to belt on existing CU-610H - B-36-21-16:
Balanced weave
36 openings/foot width
21 full spirals per foot length
16 gauge (.063") connecting rod
18 gauge (.047") spiral wire
902Closed loop conveyor speed controlProvideStandard
903Conveyor tension adjust idleProvideThe Transport System is low tension does not require high tension idler pinch roller. The idler roller is positioned at the slack side of the conveyor loop.
904UPS / Battery back-up for conveyor belt, fans and control systemAdd to furnace, 20 minutes during power outageTripp Lite SMX1500LCDT UPS provides 15 minutes of computer, PLC and belt operation after a power outage.
905Speed control range0.5 to 10 ipm (see item 303, 306).COMPLY
Computer and Control System100132 bit, Industrial Controller (PLC)Add to furnaceCOMPLY
1002Windows OS versionWindows 7COMPLY
100317” LCD Color monitor, touch screen option no cost?Standard 17” monitor with keyboard/mouse control.COMPLY
1004Automatic start-up and shut-downProvideStartup sequence is automated, but must be initiated by operator. All permissions must be satisfied before H2 operation can start. Emergency shutdown can be initiated by operator or automatically by system alarm
1005Profile storage > 200Provide500GB drive allows 360GB available for data. Recipe files are approx 4kB (<90 million recipes).
1006Power & conveyor system information shall be displayed on PC monitorProvideBelt speed, zone temperature and percent power displayed on Process Screen.
1007Remote control of machine Via modem and via Internet. Furnace Computer System CAN be connected to the internet for factory remote troubleshooting and operation as necessary. However, continuous connection to network and/or internet is NOT recommended. Automatic updates and virus intrusions can put production performance and stability at risk.
- Please refer to General Requirement Specification for CIM Requirement  
N/ANot offered.n/a
Others / Specified Features1101System leveling capability+/-20 mm+/-1 inch
1102Hydrogen Operation including Dual Gas operation. N2/H2 Mixing: H2 Detect, Ignitors, Inlet Collector hood and Exit Baffle stack, 60" Closed Atmosphere Water Cooling, 30” Extended Entrance Baffle. Add to furnaceCOMPLY
1103Oxygen Analyzer and OSS online 4-port gas sampling systemAdd to furnaceCOMPLY
1105- Software back-up CD/HDD - Required
documents at General Requirement Spec
Backup CD with furnace software; Documentation includes web-based instruction manual   
1106Initial Spare Parts1 year spare parts included.  
1107Refer to Equipment manual and supplier’s Product/Equipment specification (201831A) for details.  


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